Miami Dolphins Linebacker Dannell Ellerbe Believes the Patriots Are Vulnerable, Maybe

Former Baltimore Ravens and now Miami Dolphins linebacker Dannell Ellerbe thinks that now is maybe, probably when we're finally going to see the New England Patriots lose their monkey-fisted grip on the AFC East, thanks mainly to their best receiver allegedly murdering a dude and going to jail for it.

Ellerbe was signed as a big-time free agent to come over and help us all forget the many exploits of former big-time free agent Karlos Chancletas Dansby.

Ellerbe is, of course, hopeful that the success he's enjoyed over the Pats as a Raven is going to translate to his new team, which hasn't been able to win more than seven games since the George W. Bush administration.

On the surface, the swagger seems understandable.

Many believe the Dolphins took a step forward with a solid draft and by spending lots of money in free agency.

Meanwhile, the Patriots have lost Wes Welker to Denver, have Rob Gronkowski dealing with a myriad of injuries, and have lost their star tight end, Aaron Hernandez, to murder charges.

So Mike Freeman of asked Ellerbe if he thinks the Patriots are vulnerable now.

"I think they are, but you have to prove it; you can't just talk about it," Ellerbe said.

"I was brought here to help knock them off," he continued. "That doesn't mean we will, but we feel like we can. Like I said, we just have to prove it. You have to actually go do it."

All in all, a prettayy pretaayy PREATTAY smart response from Ellerbe.

On one hand, he doesn't want to send any blackboard material to the best team in the division. On the other, he doesn't want to sound like a total wuss either.

Well played!

As for the notion of the Patriots' being vulnerable, on paper that may be so. But let's not forget that in 2010, Tom Brady won the MVP by throwing to Alge Crumpler, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and Danny Woodhead.

It's not inconceivable that Brady can't keep obliterating the AFC East with whatever no-name receivers he has at his disposal this season.

The lesson here is, let's all be like Ellerbe: confident but not dumb.

Let's start by not finishing yet another season with a 7-9 record, and then take it from there.

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