Miami Dolphins Logo: 15 New Choices

The internet nearly stopped existing yesterday when sports blog Deadspin revealed what could possibly be the new Miami Dolphins team logo.

Deadspin credited fan site DolfansNYC for leaking the possible logo, and Dolphins fans everywhere chimed in. Mostly, they hated it. And, if the leak is indeed the real logo, it's pretty damned prosaic and boring -- something you might see someone who works at SeaWorld wearing on his work-issued polo.

Dolphins team CEO Mike Dee eventually broke radio silence and tweeted on all the brouhaha being made over the supposed new logo: "I hear all the logo buzz out there... I'll provide an update soon! Happy holidays to all. Be safe!"

But we here at the Pulp thought we would do Dee a favor and asked our Twitter followers to provide their own logo designs. You can check out the 15 best submissions after the jump. 

We're pretty sure each and every one captures the true essence of what the Miami Dolphins have become as a franchise over the past couple of decades.


First, the winners:

@adamsmoot provided us with a couple of gems:

A few didn't even bother hitting up the Photoshop and just sent pics, which works for us because the Dolphins can still iron the decals onto the helmets:

Then there's @JerkJerkson's take. SUBTLE!:

Then things just got weird:

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