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Miami Dolphins Mascot Celebrates 26-23 Loss to the Ravens

The Miami Dolphins' late-game rally on Sunday fell short when kicker Caleb Sturgis' effort waffled wide left, handing the Fins their second consecutive loss, dropping them to 3-2 on the season.

It was a bitter loss, leaving that all-too-familiar taste of defeat in Dolphins fans' mouths (tastes like chicken shit!).

But it appears the Fins managed to tie the game and send it into overtime. At least, according to Miami Dolphins mascot T.D. who, as you can see below, inexplicably began celebrating Sturgis' kick that was nowhere near splitting the uprights.

Apparently the Dolphins fight song -- the one that comes on after every Miami score -- started blaring before being abruptly cut off.

Everything about the end of this game was so Miami Dolphins.

Meanwhile, Ryan Tannehill was sacked five times, inching him ever closer to the NFL's all-time sacks allowed record of 72. This offensive line is currently on pace to allow Tannehill to get sacked 77 times.

Oh, and the Dolphins' receivers dropped roughly 8,985 passes in the game.

Mike Wallace had a nice day, yardage-wise. But he failed to find the end zone and failed to be the big-play guy down the stretch that is generally associated with players you award giant-ass contracts in the offseason.

But, hey, general manager Jeff Ireland -- the anal pustule that refuses to go away, and the man responsible for the roster of this team -- got himself a contract extension over the offseason. This despite the fact that he's had more than five years to find a human person that remotely resembles a person who can play offensive line. And this despite the fact that he gave Wallace that contract and let Reggie Bush go to the Lions and has spent draft picks on offensive linemen that have very obviously not worked out.

So, there's that! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Maybe Jeff Ireland is T.D.?

The Dolphins enter their bye, so Tannehill gets to live for another week.

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