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Miami Dolphins Not Invited to Bid for Super Bowl

Earlier today, we told you about how the Miami Dolphins were going to throw their hat in the ring to bid for Super Bowl 52 in 2018.

Well, not so much anymore.

It looks like the NFL has officially not invited the Dolphins to bid to host the big game, handing the team its third-straight loss in hopes of having a Super Bowl hosted at Sun Life Stadium.

The team was supposed to find out Wednesday if it'd be invited to present bids. Turns out, only Indianapolis, New Orleans, and Minneapolis have been invited to the bid pants party by the NFL.

Miami has had its Super Bowl hosting dreams shut down for 2016, 2017, and, now, 2018.

It's likely that this latest shutdown will keep team owner Stephen Ross from demanding public funding for the renovation of the stadium. Or he could use it as leverage to argue that the only reason the NFL keeps shooting him down is because the stadium is old and crummy.

Still, Ross fights on.

"My commitment is just as great as it was then, in fact greater, and the facility and the capability of doing that is there," Ross said. "It's a question of working with the facility, with this community, and I think it's for the benefit of this community that we work together."

Here's a friendly tip for Ross:

Maybe focus on the team winning, being relevant, and not finishing year after year at 7-9 and then good things will follow.

It's bad enough that the Marlins screwed Miami with the bill for their new ballpark. But to ask any county to foot the bill for a stadium where a mediocre team plays is a bit much.

Hosting the Super Bowl would be nice. It does create jobs (albeit temporary ones) and gives some boost to the local economy (albeit not much).

But maybe there's a greater silver lining here, now that Ross keeps getting shot down and his hopes to renovate the stadium are meager: Maybe now he'll seriously consider selling the team.

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