Miami Dolphins Want To Have a Game on an Aircraft Carrier

Fresh off their rejection of trying to get public funding for their stadium renovations, the Miami Dolphins' head honchos are preparing to make a bid to host a Super Bowl by presenting a winning idea:

Having a football game played on a real-life Navy aircraft carrier!

*high five!*

According to the Palm Beach Post's Ben Volin, the Dolphins plan on holding most of their Super Bowl events at Bay Front in downtown Miami where they apparently would have an aircraft carrier dock so that they can play a game.

The Dolphins would apparently place a full 120-yard field on top of the aircraft carrier.

Though in Volin's opinion, the game will be touch football, not tackle.

This seems like pretty much the most Miami Dolphin thing ever.

Big, impetuous, grand idea that seems to have been thought up by a 12 year old boy, but ultimately an idea that will be endlessly ridiculed. Because it's an assheaded idea.

Just like the orange carpet shenanigans, and offering ownership stakes to C-list celebrities, the Dolphins' misguided attempts to make things event-worthy come across silly and cartoonish.


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