Miami Heat-Hating America Really Wants to Believe Heat Fans Didn't Show Up to the Championship Parade

The rest of Heat Haterz America is so butthurt over the Miami Heat's back-to-back championships, it doesn't know what to do with itself.

So instead of shutting the hell up and taking it good and proper, Heat Haterz America is going to try to tear down the Heat fan base by making shit up.

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And that's just what the Baltimore Ravens' official Twitter account tried to do Tuesday, when it tweeted out a misleading photo of Monday's Heat parade to try and shoehorn the whole "Heat fans are the worst" because, again, BUTTHURT.

Shortly after noon, @Ravens tweeted this photo of the parade:

And with that ONE photo, the entire nation pointed and laughed at the Heat's fan base as being indifferent and undeserving of this team.

Of course, let's just everyone ignore that an estimated 400,000 people showed up for the Heat parade -- that's twice the number of people who showed up for the Ravens' Super Bowl parade this past February.

Here's how it looked in other photos, where the heart of the parade took place:


Heat fans not only packed the streets; they also risked life and limb by climbing train-track scaffolding to get a better look at their favorite team.

But, yeah, keep on coming at us with how bad our fans are. Because frankly, America, that's all you have left.

Of course, the Ravens are hardly alone in this.

The misleading photo they used actually came from a Boston Celtics blog where Boston sports parades were compared to that one shot.

We would expect nothing less from Boston.

And while we don't have the estimates of how many people showed up to the 2008 Celtics parade versus how many showed up for the Heat's parade, we do know for sure that the Heat parade definitely had more people than any Bruins parade this year.


Eat it.

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