Miami Heat to Wear Gold Uniforms on Opening Night

The Miami Heat kicks off its run at a three-peat on October 29 (THAT'S, LIKE, A WEEK AWAY!) when it hosts the nonsmiling Derrick Rose and nonshowering Joakim Noah and rest of the Chicago Bulls.

On that same night, the Heat will be unveiling its third NBA Finals Champions banner, which will be raised to the rafters with the other two. And, in a pregame ceremony, the Heat players will receive their championship rings.

To commemorate all the bling, the Heat will also wear an alternate jersey with gold-colored letters and numbers, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell.

We're not crazy about the gold unis. Only because the colors seem weird and off.

But what we do like about them? That anyone and everyone who is not a Miami Heat fan will absolutely hate them.

The gold is an obvious symbol for the rings and the Larry O'Brien trophy and all the awesomeness that comes with being a back-to-back champion.

This uniform design is less of a fashion statement than just one huge, giant middle finger to the rest of America.

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