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Miami Heat Winning Streak Ends at 27

Last night, the Chicago Bulls finally got revenge for the 1996 game in which a depleted Miami Heat team beat Michael Jordan's 72-win team 113-104 by ending the 2013 Heat's chase for the all-time NBA winning streak.

With no Derrick Rose or Joakim Noah, the short-handed Bulls came out swinging against Miami and finally handed the Heat its first loss since the Carter Administration in a 101-97 barnburner.

After two months of crotch-punching NBA teams and laying waste to entire cities, one of the most epic runs of all time has come to a sudden end.

The Heat lost a game.

Feels kind of weird.

Last night marked the first time Miami lost since before the Super Bowl (think about that). It finished just six wins shy of the all-time record set by the 1971-72 L.A. Lakers, which is also quite the accomplishment when you remember that in 1971, there were two leagues and the NBA's best player was white.

LeBron James did what he could against the Bulls, bringing his skull-crushing monstrosity into full TILT with a 32-point, seven-rebound performance. James attacked the rim with ferocity and was nearly decapitated several times by Bulls defenders as he did so.

Still, LeBron nearly single-handedly carried the Heat to its 28th straight win, even as he took shrapnel and enemy fire from Chicago with nary a call from the referees.

As it has been in recent games, the Heat was sporadic with its offense and was a bag of shitslop on defense. Miami fell behind early and was barely able to recover, even when it had taken a one-point lead in the second half.

The Bulls offense is usually just a big giant landfill of ass. But on this night, they would catch fire and not relent.

Luol Deng scored 28 points for Chicago, while Carlos Boozer added 21 points of his own. He also added 17 rebounds, which was a Godzilla's ballsack-sized problem for the Heat all night.

As the clock ran down and the Bulls celebrated as if they had won their seventh NBA Finals, the Heat walked away with the second-longest winning streak in NBA history.

The party's over.


What we witnessed these past 27 games hasn't been done in 40 years and probably won't be done again in another 40.

In an age when instant gratification is everything and valuable things are cheapened by Twitter memes and TV shows where people are voted off because they can't sing or dance well, it's important to just shut the fuck up for a second, sit back, and soak in what we just witnessed in South Florida.

The Heat will be fine. The team is still the favorite, and it still has unfinished business.

But for now, reflect on what the Heat just accomplished.

You'll be telling your grandkids about it one day (and then they'll shoot you the bird and go back to Tweeting or MyFacing or whatever the social media sensation of 2043 will be).

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