Miami Heat Won't Stay at Haunted Hotel in Milwaukee

The Miami Heat are in Milwaukee to resume their first-round best-of-seven series against the Bucks. Games 3 and 4 will be played at the BMO Harris Bradley Center tonight and Sunday.

But according to 790 the Ticket's morning radio show, the Heat has decided to stay at a different hotel than usual. Primarily because the hotel the team usually stays at in Milwaukee is supposedly haunted.

Noah Leigh, a paranormal expert in Milwaukee, was a guest on 790's Hochman & Zaslow Show Thursday morning and explained how the Pfister Hotel is infamously haunted.

Some guests claim to have seen the ghost of the hotel founder, the portly Charles Pfister, wandering the premises. Obese ghosts are the most terrifying!

Others say they've seen a light pass through their room only to have the temperature turn immediately chilly.

The Pfister is where most visiting pro sports teams stay when in Milwaukee.

Former San Diego Padres closer Trevor Hoffman claims that one particular floor in the hotel emits sounds of rattling chains in the middle of the night.

According to one report, Marlins players reportedly demand to share a room when they're in Milwaukee because they're afraid of the ghosts there and usually sleep with baseball bats in hand.

Actor Joey Lawrence once stayed there and claims that his daughter's toys turned on by themselves as he nodded off to sleep. He also claims to have witnessed parts of his room's air-conditioning unit flying around. And if Joey Lawrence is claiming these things, they must be true! Whoa!

The gray limestone luxury hotel opened back in 1883, and it still apparently sports the décor of the late 1800s, which gives it an old, musty, funky, haunted vibe to it. Along with reports of the dead founder walking around the corridors, there have also been reports of ghostly dogs and cats haunting the place.

Other reports say people have heard disembodied voices in their rooms, seen doors opening and closing on their own, and heard scratching against the walls in the hallways.

So, are these the reasons the Heat has decided not to stay at the Pfister during its time in Milwaukee?

According to the Heat, no.

Apparently, the Milwaukee Dancesport Competition is being held at the hotel this weekend, and there was just no room for the team.

And really, the ghost stories themselves don't sound bad enough to justify changing places.

Toys being turned on and off and cat ghosts don't exactly paint a picture of some dark undead wraith devouring your soul while you sleep.

Just being in Milwaukee is scary enough, really.

You can listen to the 790 interview here.

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