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Miami Herald: Best Paper In the Country?

Laid up this morning with a cold from the bowels of mordor (yeah I'm a geek like that sometimes, and I didn't fail to see a little bit of the TNT hobbit-fest last weekend). Yesterday I was sneezing fistfuls of extremely watery snot all over the place. Last evening it moved stealthily from my sinus passages to my lungs, where it apparently turned into industrial-strength sandpaper. I mean this cough hurts. After a miserable night, had the lovely missus get me some medicine from Publix early this morn. Took a couple otc drugs and zonked until about 15 minutes ago.

Don't send your love, good Pulpers. If anything, send either cash or good Tennessee sour mash. It's Christmas. I need both.

Anyway, I have nothing to say today, which is why I'm grateful for Rebecca Wakefield (of Category305 fame). She interviewed Herald editor Tom Fiedler for her Miami SunPost column and got some pretty good stuff. For instance he told her that "pound for pound" the Herald is the best newspaper in America. (Florida, maybe. Maybe).

Wakefield and Fiedler butted heads

a bit, too.

Unfortunately, the Herald, with some notable exceptions, has not engaged much in years. A complaint I've heard often from a number of people is that although the newspaper employs some excellent journalists (Debbie Cenziper, Scott Hiaasen, Oscar Corral, to name a few of many) who do great work, as a whole, it's a pretty thin enterprise. Why bother with the "5 Minute Herald" summary of the news on the back of the metro section, some gripe, when the paper itself rarely exceeds that level of detail?

"That's ill-informed," Fiedler responds. "Somebody who would say that clearly isn't reading our paper. It's a phony intellectual kind of a statement, trying to be dismissive."

And he once again defended his firing of Jim DeFede, but admits guilty feelings about it: "I would say Jim was my friend, although Jim might throw up if he heard me say that. Maybe it's the guilt I feel, but I'm delighted to hear his radio show and TV show. He's such a talented journalist."

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