Miami Herald Caught With Pants Down

The Miami Herald sports columnist Greg Cote apologized in his blog last night for using a Mark Cuban quote that probably wasn't uttered. Or, in this case, screamed like a banshee. Read the Editor & Publisher piece about it (via Romenesko). Another cautionary tale and the moral is: Don't believe a friend of a friend who claimed to have heard the Dallas Mavericks owner yell profane accusations NBA Commissioner David Stern. Namely a claim that Cuban had yelled, "Fuck you! Fuck you! You're league is rigged!" Cote reported it (with "bleeps"). Both Cuban and Stern deny that it ever happened. Cuban wrote an e-mail to Cote saying: "I never said a word to the commissioner [after the game]. Not a single word. Stared at him. Yes. Said a word. No."

Read the column, which is headlined "Official coverup? Conspiracy theories no excuse for Dallas." Wow.

[I deleted a thing that was here I wrote about the boat Cuban doesn't own. I found through the wonderful Infomaniac that the Herald did correct it after running a silly non-correction brief. I was in a ranting mood today -- and that's just when those kinds of things happen].

Here's a link to Cuban's blog. (Btw, while you're on Cuban's blog, click on ESPN's Bill Simmons' less-than-loving take on the Heat).

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