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Miami Herald Columnist Maligned For Wrong Reason

Jackie Bueno Sousa is the new lying propagandist -- oh shit, I mean "conservative voice" -- for the Miami Herald and right off the bat some yahoo is claiming she basically committed plagiarism in herer first column .

A little-known blog is calling for Sousa to leave journalism after she stole the following line from the movie Bull Durham: "I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone."

You remember that Kevin Costner "I believe" speech right? This is certainly far from plagiarism. The idea is so commonplace one couldn't say she stole anything. As for Sousa stealing the basic idea of the speech from the the movie, well, that's just what good writers (or geniuses, as T.S. Eliot would have it) do. Her inclusion of the Oswald line might be considered an homage.  

The whole thing is silly (and wouldn't be getting any attention at all if it hadn't been linked by premiere media blogger Romenesko). The real reason Sousa should be pilloried is because in her own "I believe" list she included: "I believe ... that history will redeem George W. Bush."


-- And if you want to read a fascinating story about the man behind a South Florida monthly publication called the Vanguard Chronicle click here for Elgin Jones' latest. It's about John Nevin, publisher and former Lori Parrish appointee whose real name is James Young, a violent felon once known as "The Goon" in Rochester who did ten years in prison. Nevin has written a book about his life titled I Wanted To Be Bad. 

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