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Miami Herald Comment Board Bans Commissioner's Name

The Miami Herald's comment boards appear to be a bit censor-crazy.

For instance, Hallandale blogger David Bruce Smith this weekend tried to post a Herald story regarding the silly photograph taken of Heat player Michael Beasley on a boat chartered by the team. Let Smith tell you what happened:

I originally wrote "Maybe Stephen Ross will try to corral them and
try to sell them on his "Orange Carpet' concept that so repels
hardcore Dolphin fans."

And then the Herald went into Code Red status!
"Please edit or remove the following word(s), then resubmit your
comments: hardcore."

So the word hardcore has been shot from the English language by the Herald? Well, I would say that means the pornographers have 


It's not just good words that have been sacrificed but important names, including the last name of a Miami-Dade County Commissioner. The blog Eye on Miami discovered recently that the Herald wouldn't allow a comment to go through with the word Seijas in it. That means that anyone wanting to opine on Commissioner Natacha Seijas is out of luck. From Eye on Miami: "I have found, in the past, her name doesn't get past the Herald's filter. Well, it still doesn't, as other readers have also noticed. Why Miami Herald???"

Just for kicks, I tried to post a comment under one of today's stories with Seijas' name. It blocked it. I copied the comment and the Herald response below:


Please edit or remove the following word(s), then resubmit your comments: seijas.
So the ban is still in effect. We're hoping for an explanation for this.
Also, I have learned that the Miami Herald has had a whopping 23 percent drop in circulation this quarter, down to 162,260, a stunningly low number. The Sun-Sentinel now has a larger Sunday circulation than the Herald. The 23 percent drop is worse than the 15 percent punch it took last quarter. Read New Times' Lisa Rab's post on the new numbers for both newspapers.
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