Miami Marlins: Can You Spot If Someone Is a Marlins Player?

Your Miami Marlins kick off the 2014 MLB season tonight when they host the Colorado Rockies at the Broward County Commissioners Should Never Forget What the Marlins Did to Miami-Dade County Before Giving the Panthers Money Park Marlins Park.

But before you don't go to the game and maybe decide to catch the opening pitch on TV tonight, we want to challenge you in our new internet game called: Marlin? Not a Marlin?

It's pretty self-explanatory. Can you tell, just by reading a name, if that person is a player on the Marlins' 2014 roster, a fake, or someone else entirely?

The rules are simple. Read the name. Ask yourself if this person is a Marlin or NOT a Marlin (or, if you like, have a friend read them to you).

After each name, we've placed a Marlins-themed photo. The photos are random and not related to the names listed. Below each photo is your answer for each name.

For each name you get right: Award yourself five points. Sixty points would give you a perfect score.

And please, for the sake of your own integrity, don't look below the photos before answering. YOU'RE ONLY CHEATING YOURSELF.



1. Jeff Baker

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: Marlin! Baker, 32, is a second baseman who hails from Germany, of all places. He's played for the Cubs, Rockies, Rangers, Tigers, and Braves.

2. Garrett Humley

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: NOT a Marlin. Totally made-up name, though it sounds like a character in a baseball movie starring Kevin Costner.

3. Ramon Novarro

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: NOT a Marlin.

Ramon Novarro was actually a Mexican leading man and heartthrob during the silent-movies era.

4. Casey McGehee

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: Marlin!

The 31-year-old McGehee is a third baseman for your hometown ballclub and has played for the Pirates, Cubs, Brewers, and Yankees.

5. Bertram Cooper

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: NOT a Marlin. Bert Cooper is actually the old guy from Mad Men.

6. Merle Johnson

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: NOT a Marlin. Merle Johnson is a character from the film Godfather Part II portrayed by actor Troy Donahue.

7. Reed Johnson

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: Marlin! Johnson, 37, has previously been with the Blue Jays, Cubs, Dodgers, and Braves. Now he's playing outfield for your Marlins.

8. Troy Donahue

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: NOT a Marlin. Check number 6 if you got this one wrong. AND PAY ATTENTION.

9. Mike Dunn

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: Marlin! Mike Dunn, 28, is one of the young guns pitching for your Miami Marlins.Young being a relative term, of course.

10. Adeiny Hechavarria

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: Marlin! The 24-year-old Cuban Hechavarria is expected to be the starting shortstop for the Marlins. He's what Miami got when they traded Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, José Reyes, John Buck, and Emilio Bonifacio to the Blue Jays last year.

11. John Flynn

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: NOPE. But he is the protagonist for an upcoming sci-fi action flick starring Bruce Willis that we totally just now made up.

12. Rafael Ozuna

Marlin? Not a Marlin?

Answer: NOT a Marlin. Although this was a tricky one, seeing how there is a Marcell Ozuna on the team. So, give yourself half a point if you got this one wrong.

Enjoy the season, everyone! Whenever you feel like it... maybe. Whatever...

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