Miami Marlins to Hire General Manager Dan Jennings to Be New Manager

Breaking: The Miami Marlins are a mess. But you already knew that. And now, a day after firing manager Mike Redmond, the Marlins are set to replace him with... wait for it... their general manager.

According to multiple reports, general manager Dan Jennings, who has zero managerial experience in the big leagues nor in college, will be the team’s sixth manager since 2010.

Good ol’ Jeffrey Loria.

Yup. We warned you!

Following Redmond’s firing — which happened a little under an hour after the Marlins were swept by the Atlanta Braves on Sunday afternoon — rumors began to swirl that the team was looking at former players Jeff Conine or Mike Lowell as possible replacements. There are also a plethora of former managers looking for work available.

Instead, it appears that the Marlins are going in-house and going with the guy that’s running their front office. Jennings — who, again has no managerial experience — has been a longtime scout and executive who worked for the Tampa Bay Rays before taking a job with the Marlins in 2002 and eventually took the GM slot after Larry Beinfest was fired in 2014.

The last time he did any kind of coaching was when he was a baseball coach for an Alabama high school in the 1980s.

And, in a way, it might as well be Jennings.

As a general manager, he’s not at all into analytics. And, as the general manager, he’s actually more responsible for the debacle that is the Marlins than Redmond ever was. Redmond merely played the hand he was dealt, and what he was dealt was a decaying bullpen to go along with star Giancarlo Stanton (and his backloaded contract) and Matt Latos, who has allowed 23 runs in 40 innings pitched.

Now Jennings joins Redmond, Ozzie Guillen, Edwin Rodriguez, Fredi Gonzalez, and Joe Girardi in the long list of Marlins managers Jeffrey Loria ended up firing because he’s impatient.

So, good luck with all that, Dan.

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