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Miami Marlins to Lower 2013 Payroll, According to Report

The news regarding any South Florida sports team not named the Miami Heat continues to be miserable.

After trading away Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, and Omar Infante for prospects in order to clear up their finances, the Marlins were pretty adamant about using that leftover cash to spend on some good players in the offseason to make the team not suck so hard anymore.

Now comes a Miami Herald report that the Marlins are actually planning to cut their payroll for the 2013 season so they can presumably keep not making the playoffs and not selling tickets.

The report says the Marlins lost money (noooo... do tell!) and will likely scale back next season to a more, uh, let's call it "moderate" figure, somewhere in the $70 million to $80 million range, according to multiple inside sources.

The Marlins spent $95 million this past offseason on their roster -- a franchise record -- but the disappointing season, along with perhaps the ridiculous decision to give an aging closer a sack of gold only to watch that closer implode before their very eyes, has made them gun-shy about going all-in again this time around.

Although considering their owner is a tight-wadded tool, the whole "gun-shy" explanation seems like a load of crap.

And aside for the 2003 season, where everything seemed to fall into place, every year is like the 1998 Marlins under Loria's watch. 

But hey! New stadium! Home-run sculpture! Cuban food! You can't find Cuban food anywhere else in South Florida!

We look forward to team President David Samson going on his weekly segment on the Dan LeBatard Show and smugly brushing off this report while not answering direct questions about it but totally wanting to tell us what he thinks of that new Jake Gyllenhaal movie. You know, shit that matters!

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