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Miami New Times Gets Into The Act

It's called Riptide 2.0 and it's our sister paper's first foray into blogdom. I went down to Miami yesterday and hung out with MNT staff to talk about blogging, but mostly drank beer and shot pool. All I can recall right now is that Calvin Godfrey is pretty good with a combo shot and that the group blog is going to be tied to the phsyical newspaper in some way.

With the (mostly new) stable of talent down there, I'm sure it will be stellar, so long it it's done in the proper spirit. Associate Editor Frank Houston -- who seems to be both a very good guy and manager -- will be overseeing the project. The maiden offering, by editor Chuck Strouse, is a decent start (and was quickly picked up by the national AAN website). It's about a new set of websites -- here's one of them -- and an upcoming online magazine being started by former MNTers Celeste Delgado and Rebecca Wakefield

(who is now a SunPost columnist). Delgado has cojones; she's financing the venture with the proceeds from a second mortgage on her home. Here's hoping that the mag -- and the MNT blog -- take off.

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