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Miami Pill Mill Doctor Busted By FBI

In the second South Florida pill mill bust this week, federal prosecutors charged 57-year-old Dr. Selwyn Carrington, of Miami, with illegally distributing massive amounts of narcotic pills through two different pain clinics. The feds nabbed Carrington on Friday, just one day after local authorities arrested Delray pill peddler, Dr. Barry Schultz.

Investigators found that Carrington never treated or evaluated clients and was rarely even seen at the clinics. The so-called "doctor" collected $5,000 a month to pre-sign blank prescriptions so unlicensed employees could prescribe clients Oxycodone, Percocet and Xanax.           

More than 300,000 pills containing controlled substances were dispensed to clients because of Carrington's pre-signed prescriptions. Most were highly addictive Schedule II drugs and Florida Medicaid paid for them all. Carrington ran his primary practice in Pembroke Pines, but ran his pill mills in Hallandale and West Palm Beach.

The two busts came at the end of a week in which a federal bill, "The Pill Mill Crackdown Act of 2011," was introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives on Monday. It may seem like a good week in the fight against pill mills. But the intense crackdown last month didn't seem to deter Carrington and Schultz. So their arrests may just be a bucket of sand on the brush fire raging through Florida.     


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