'Miami Psychic' Slithers From Justice -- Again

Gina Marks, aka Regina Milbourne, aka "The Miami Psychic," has squirmed her way out of trouble yet again.

You remember Marks, she's the con artist who hooked up with infamous publisher Judith Regan on a book titled "Miami Psychic." The book was as much a fraud as Marks herself, but HarperCollins has yet to pull it from the shelves.

Anyway, I wrote a few weeks ago about the Gypsy's most recent con -- the million-dollar take from millionairess/spiritualist Teresa Carlo. The Davie Police Department was all set to charge Marks with grand theft auto in that case. But after the article came out, the Gypsy's Fort Lauderdale lawyer, Jim Lewis, began negotiating a payment to Carlo in lieu of prosecution.

Det. Jeff Corms helped with the negotiations and the final offer from Marks/Lewis was $100,000. An attorney who works with Lewis delivered the $100,000 check to the Davie PD last Tuesday and Carlo took it home with her.

"I didn't sleep for several nights," says Carlo. "But I listed the pros and cons and there were three times more pros. Better to get something than nothing, right?"

I suppose so, even though Carlo is still down about million dollars. And it's really hard to believe that Marks is still out there operating -- and I hear her new name is "Zara."

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