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Michael and Victoria Meisner Earn Wrath of Unpaid Taxman

Following a Rothsteinesque money scheme, Boca's white collar Bonnie and Clyde are finally facing the music. This week, Victoria Meisner made her first appearence before a judge, answering charges of filing a false tax return.

According to federal prosecutors, in 2003, Meisner filed a joint federal income tax return, reporting a total income of nearly $50,000. Doesn't sound to me like that meager income could have financed a lavish wedding for her daughter at Palm Beach's exclusive Mar-A-Lago or funded the purchase of the 15 luxury cars the Meisner family rolled in.

Meisner convieniently omitted $430,000 in the tax filing. At Victoria Meisner's bond hearing on September 4, 2009, her husband, Michael, admitted his guilt to three counts of mail fraud, loan application fraud, and tax fraud.

Michael Meisner, a commodity trading advisor, scammed more than 250 investors in a $37 million scheme carried out through a company called Phoenix Diversified Investment Corporation (PDIC), which helped him fund the purchase of eight luxury Palm Beach residences, a $217,800 Bentley GT, lavish vacations, private education costs, and ritzy country club fees.

Michael Meisner will learn how much time he'll spend in the slammer January 29.

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