Michael Dippolito Police Interview: "I'm Not a Drug Dealer; I Never Was"

The day his wife was arrested for allegedly trying to have him killed, Boynton Beach police officers conducted a lengthy, videotaped, sworn interview with Michael Dippolito. 

Dippolito talked calmly and openly about the many strange things that had happened since he hired an escort named Dalia Mohammed to come to his office one day in October 2008, then married her a few months later.

He said drugs had been planted in his truck by an unknown person, and he once received a note on his truck asking for $40,000 in a bag. "Do not tell your anyone, especially your wife," the note warned.

He had a "hunch" that his wife was behind some of the unexplained incidents, Dippolito said, especially because she had allegedly stolen thousands of dollars from him -- money that was intended to pay restitution to victims of a foreign currency scam that Dippolito ran years earlier.

"I lost $240,000 with this girl," he told the police. "That's unexplainable money."

Indeed, Dippolito admitted that Dalia's alleged attempt to kill him didn't come as a complete surprise, because his friends were already suspicious of his wife.

"Everybody around me knows about all this crazy shit, and they all knew something was wrong," Dippolito told the police. "That's why today, honestly, I'm not very surprised or shocked about all this."

But during this lengthy conversation about Dalia, Michael Dippolito failed to mention some of his own strange behavior. While talking about the drugs that had been planted in his truck, he said, "I'm not a drug dealer. I never was."  (See minute 3:05 of the video.)

Yet Dippolito does have a history with drugs. In Philadelphia in 1993, he was arrested for possession and manufacture with intent to deliver an unknown drug. Dippolito never showed up for his court hearing, so there's now an active bench warrant for his arrest.

Yesterday, the Juice submitted written questions about Dippolito's drug arrest and other issues to his attorney, Jason Brodie. We're still waiting for a response and will update accordingly. 

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