Michael Dippolito to Get Grilled Today During Dalia Dippolito's Trial

Boynton Beach's most shameless newlyweds are in court this week, as Dalia Dippolito goes to trial for allegedly plotting to have her husband, Michael, killed. (Read New Times' cover story on the case for all the juicy details.)

Yesterday, Dalia's attorney presented a strange opening argument, saying that the murder-for-hire plot was a ruse designed to get Michael Dippolito on a reality television show. That's a tough story to buy, considering that Dalia allegedly went so far as to pay a friend $1,200 to hire a hit man. But in the Dippolito marriage -- a union between a professional escort and a man on probation for organized fraud -- anything is possible.

This afternoon, Michael Dippolito will face cross-examination from Dalia's lawyer. Here are the big questions we're hoping he's asked:

-- You owed $191,000 in restitution to victims of your telemarketing scam. You claim you needed to borrow half the amount from your wife, but first you lent her $100,000. What kind of loan arrangement is that?

-- Why did you buy a $225,000 townhouse -- paid in full, no mortgage -- while you owed that restitution money?

-- Why did you never pay child support for the son you fathered with another woman in 1998?

-- Did you transfer cash and assets to Dalia in order to look like a pauper and avoid paying your restitution?

-- Please explain what exactly your marketing company, Mad Media Inc., does to generate income.

Stay tuned for updates.

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