Michael Dippolito's Business Partner

When Dalia Dippolito met with an undercover Boynton Beach cop to plan her husband's murder, she revealed some interesting details about Michael Dippolito's finances.

Dalia told the cop -- who she thought was a hit man -- that Michael would be withdrawing $10,000 in cash from a Bank of America on the day of the hit.

"He's going and pulling out the money because he has to make it look like it's coming from an account from his business partner, like a business account," she said in a conversation that was taped by secret police cameras.

Michael planned to withdraw the money and then bring it to his business partner in Boca Raton, Dalia said. She suggested that the hit man could shoot Michael as he left the bank.

Ultimately, the hit man didn't follow this plan. But it's an interesting detail, and not just because Dalia seemed willing to have her husband killed in a public place.

It raises questions about Michael Dippolito's business activities. Court documents show that he earns $87,000 a year from an online marketing company, Mad Media Inc. But the company's bare bones website doesn't give many hints about what he actually does.

"We are an outsourced media planning, buying and strategy organization with proven experience in interactive direct marketing," it says. "Our proprietary technology based solutions enable real time delivery of high volume, targeted, qualified and cost effective leads as well as campaign optimization and management."

Right. Michael Dippolito is also the president, director, and secretary of the company, according to documents filed with the Florida Secretary of State's office. So if there is a business partner in Boca, he's the unofficial kind.

And what kind of business partner gets paid $10,000 in cash?

Remember, Michael Dippolito is an ex-con with connections to organized crime, who spent time in state prison for telemarketing fraud. He convinced strangers to invest in foreign currency, then stole their money and spent it on phone sex. Any business he does now, especially if it involves lots of cash, should raise plenty of eyebrows.

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