Michael Dippolito's Criminal History: A Timeline

Commenters on this blog have been asking about Michael Dippolito's arrest record in his native Philadelphia. At this point, we don't know much, except that there is an active bench warrant, issued in 1993, after Dippolito was arrested by the Philadelphia police for possession of a controlled substance (drug), and manufacture with intent to deliver that drug. Public records, and interviews with court clerks in Philadelphia, don't reveal anything more.

Dippolito failed to appear for his municipal court hearing on December 29,1993, so the judge issued a warrant for his arrest. The warrant is still active.

With this information in mind, here's a timeline of Dippolito's criminal history,

based on interviews and public records:

-1993. Philadelphia. Arrested for possession and manufacture with intent to deliver an unknown drug. When Dippolito fails to show up for his court hearing, a warrant is issued for his arrest.

-1997. Broward. Arrested for soliciting prostitution. He pleads guilty; court records are unclear about his sentence.

-1998 and 1999. Broward. Karen Tanne files paternity suits against Dippolito, alleging that he is the father of her son, born in July 1998. According to Tanne's lawyer, the suits are dropped because court officials can't locate Dippolito.

-2002. Broward. Dippolito is arrested and charged with organized fraud, unlicensed telemarketing, and grand theft, for running a foreign currency investment scam. He collected at least $155,000 from investors, and spent much of the money on hotels, cars, and phone sex. He pleads guilty and is sentenced to two years in state prison and 28 years of probation, and must pay restitution to his victims. 

August 5, 2009. Boynton Beach. Dippolito's wife, Dalia, is arrested for solicitation to commit murder. Police allege that she hired a hit man, who was really an undercover cop, to kill Dippolito.Police stage a fake crime scene, and tell Dalia that Dippolito is dead, before revealing that he's alive and well. Dalia pleads not guilty.

August 18, 2009. Palm Beach County. Tanne files a third paternity suit against Dippolito, asking for child support for her 11-year-old son. In court documents, Dippolito admits he "may have" fathered the child and submits to a DNA test.

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