Michael Irvin Eviscerates Cris Carter on Radio: "He Was Out of Line Then. His Ass Is Out of Line Now."

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The current NFL Network analyst joined the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on the Ticket Miami yesterday and lit a flame under Carter for making statements about Gordon without knowing his real issues. Multiple times during the interview, Irvin screams into the phone and at the end even sounds on the verge of tears.

And, in the middle of it, Irvin drops a bombshell of a story about Carter and Irvin's wife that he'd never told before. Check out the full interview below, and listen to the audio of the interview on the next page:

Michael Irvin with us on ESPN Radio. I'm curious what you've made of the Josh Gordon situation in Cleveland. What do you do if you're Cleveland?

Well, what do mean what do you do? You continue... If I'm Cleveland -- and every situation is different, you know, every situation is different -- and the key, I think, to this all is, you're talking about recovery. You have to be very careful. We would all like to think, and most of us that have gone through any kind of strongholds or recovery issues, that what has worked for us works for everybody. But that is so far from the truth. This is a different situation, and quite honestly -- quite honestly -- and I love Cris Carter to death. I thought that was a bit irresponsible of him to make the comment about releasing Josh Gordon. You know, what works for Cris, when we're talking about true recovery, may not work for the other, so you can't make a blanket statement and just say: worked for me, it'll work for him, because that's not necessarily the truth, and I thought it was a bit irresponsible. We have to be very careful in this position, given the situation where you're trying to help people, you're truly trying to help people and then also turn around, saying "I'm mentoring and I'm helping, I'm helping." The people start thinking that you have insight on the situation or the issue or the problem, so when you come out and make those kinds of comments and you're not in his sessions with his professional help, you don't know what's going on in those sessions, then you're being irresponsible. I was a bit disappointed Cris Carter made that statement.

Michael, I've known you for a long time, and the fact that you just said that on the radio, I know that privately -- I know you, Michael -- that you must have been hot when you heard those comments, when you heard Cris Carter's comments and you were like "How can you speak on behalf of everybody when this is clearly a problem that Josh Gordon doesn't have any control over?"

Dan, this is a brain disease. Addiction is a brain disease. You know, we act as if someone should...How can you make that decision? You must be stupid. He's not. That's why they call substances dope. Because it makes you less intelligent and you make the poor decision. It's a brain disease. And it affects everybody differently. Dan, I was so hot when I heard it. I was so hot. You know, I love Cris Carter, and he's a good dude and I know what he's trying to do, and he's doing his job because his job is to bring his experience to the desk, to a microphone, and share his experiences. But he's touching these lines, just like I'm touching when I'm trying to help guys, and you're on TV. You have to toe a thin line here; you have to toe a very thin line. People consider you, like, you talked to Josh so you must know more. If you said they need to cut him, then my God, maybe they should cut him. Now, isolation for Cris may have been the best thing. Separation, for Cris, may have been the best thing. For Josh, maybe it's the worst thing, and I'm going to put a little personal on this even though I love Cris to death. I don't know what year it was we were in the Pro Bowl. And all Cris is trying to do, he's just trying to share his experiences. He said to my wife -- he said to my wife -- you know, Michael would never come out of this problem until you leave him. Till you leave him. For years, I've held it. I've never shared that with anybody. I've never in my life shared that with anybody. I was so irked with Cris because he was out of line then. His ass is out of line now. He is out. of. line.

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