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Michael Lohan Is Publishing Memoir, Has Moved to Boca

Yesterday, Michael Lohan (father of Lindsay) announced that he would be publishing his memoir, "I'm Not Your Daddy Dearest ... If I Can Turn My Life Around, So Can You."

We caught up with him via phone as he was on his way to the Boca Raton office of TransMedia public relations. (TransMedia CEO Thomas J. Madden is co-authoring the book and called Lohan a "brilliant guy.")

Lohan says he moved to Boca three or four months ago. Prior to that, "I was living in Fort Lauderdale. I was sharing a place with Dennis Rodman at the Ocean Manor hotel!" They weren't roommates, he explains, but they each frequently booked the same suite. "When he wasn't there, I was there."

Lohan was a commodities trader in New York in the 1980s. He did time for contempt of court after being involved in what he describes as an insider trading case involving other people. "I wouldn't tell on them," Lohan says. "So I did time for contempt."

In the 1990s, Lindsay grew from a 3-year-old Ford model to a child soap opera star, then began getting film roles. "I was on parole," Lohan says. "It was my fourth or fifth year on parole -- and Lindsay was on the set of the Parent Trap and had an asthma attack." Lohan says that by going to care for her, he violated parole and had to do another year and a half in jail.

After that, he says, he did various business projects, including financing a movie studio in Texas and partnering in Billboard Live, a now-defunct Miami Beach club. It was there, Lohan says, during a party, that Lindsay sang "Happy Birthday" with Aaron Carter, and Emilio Estefan noted that she could sing and soon signed her to a music deal.

As Lindsay's professional star rose, trouble followed. Michael Lohan says that on February 23, 2005, he got an anonymous phone call that Lindsay had overdosed on a movie set in New Orleans. He says he made some calls and determined that a certain man had given her drugs. "I was on my way to the airport to kill this guy," he said, but he had already downed three Irish coffees and crashed into a telephone pole. The resulting DUI sent him back to jail.

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