Michael Lohan's Ex-Girlfriend Popped for Allegedly Biting Her Husband on Their Wedding Night

The Lohan family and its exiles seem to do strange things in South Florida.

Bernadette Catan-Keeler, an ex-girlfriend of Michael Lohan, was arrested by Lighthouse Point police early Sunday after allegedly biting her husband, Mike Keeler -- whom she had married earlier in the day.

According to the cops, the newlyweds were partying at the W hotel in Fort Lauderdale when Keeler got mad that his new wife was dancing with another dude.

Keeler left the hotel to go back to their Lighthouse Point home, and his wife -- who had allegedly been drinking -- followed.

There, she ripped his shirt off, doused him in water, and bit him in the arm, the cops say.

Police showed up to the 911 call to find the shirtless Keeler holding his wife down on the ground.

Catan-Keeler, 30, initially told the cops her husband's bite mark was from "fooling around" a few days previous, then told police she bit him because he pushed her into a wall.

A judge set Catan-Keeler's bond at $4,500 and ordered her to stay away from booze and her husband.

Catan-Keeler's arrest comes about three months after her ex-boyfriend Lohan was arrested in Hollywood, California, for allegedly beating up a different ex-girlfriend.

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