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Michael Morales, Volleyball Coach, Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Pressure Underaged Player for Sex

Michael Morales of Pompano Beach is the director of Matrix Volleyball Academy who likes to have his teenaged female players "all in" if they're going to be on his team.

And by "all in," we mean he allegedly wants them to have sex with him.

According to Broward Sheriff's Office detectives, Morales, 38, was arrested for trying to pressure one of his players to engage in sexual acts with him in exchange for being a part of the academy.

The alleged victim is 15 years old.

Detectives working on the Internet Crimes Against Children task force were alerted when the girl, who did not submit to Morales' demands, notified law enforcement about it.

And, according to the arrest report, the victim's phone was taken by authorities and forensically examined -- and all the text messages Morales allegedly exchanged with the victim were in the phone.

According to the arrest report (see below), the text messages began rolling in around June of 2012. But in October, things got sketchy when Morales suddenly started to get creepy and personal. Namely, Morales allegedly wanted the victim to prove she was "all in" by engaging in sexual activity with him:

Suspect: I almost made you do something to prove you were all in

Victim: Please don't make me do something like said you were kidding... I'll straighten up I promise I'm just a nervous kid and I get scared and anxious about...

Morales tried to prey on the victim's vulnerability as a volleyball hopeful and somehow tried to make her comfortable by passive aggressively telling her that it was all for fun and pleasure... and to prove she was "all in," while trying to convince her that submitting to his pervo demands was a sacrifice she had to be willing to make:

Suspect: So all I need to know now is are you willing to do what we discussed before... This time I'm not backing off..Ok 1st request is I want you to make this fun and pleasurable I don't want to make it come off as work... also I want you to tell me what you want.. Oh make sure you're erasing these texts every time young lady."

Ok now that you're in. Tell me in detail what you have done so far so I know where we need to and pleasurable remember? So what are you interested in trying 1st?... Ok that's great so what things do u want to try sexually or done to you? ... Fun and pleasurable remember? This deal is a sacrifice sexually that's where your focus needs to shift to.

As the texts continued, the victim began to crack, expressing her fear in the exchanges.

Victim: Separate the fact that I'm 15 and this started bc of my fear to get into college. When you ask me to do sexual things I'm scared.

Suspect: I want to trust you but I don't know if you'll abuse that trust.

Victim: So if I don't do what you want I can't train? Who else have you done this to?

Suspect: That's private and you have to be in all the way

Eventually, the victim took a stand and even warned Morales that he could get in deep trouble if he kept up with his creepiness:

Victim: We both know this is no longer about volleyball... how does sexual submission and volleyball ever relate?

Suspect: Like I said, I'm not explaining anymore. It's about complete trust so are u in or out? I'm all in with you if you're all in with me.

Victim: You can get into a lot of trouble just stop

Suspect: Trouble? How so? This is a private and discreet matter

Preying on a vulnerable little girl is a private and discreet matter. Good one, coach.

Detectives arrested Morales Monday on one count of computer child exploitation. 

Detectives are concerned that, because of his regular proximity to the teens he coaches, there may be other victims.

Anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of Michael Morales is asked to contact the ICAC task force at 954-888-5242.

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