Michael Satz's $100,000 Club

I was bored so I thought I'd compile the list of all the people at the State Attorney's Office who make $100,000 or more. In light of the recent pay cuts and furloughs, I thought it might be interesting. In all, 27 of Michael Satz's 487 employees have reached triple digits, with a quartet of trusted right-hand lawyers -- Tim Donnelly, Jeff Marcus, Charles Morton, and Mark Springer -- matching Satz's own salary of $153,000-plus.

I don't have a lot to say about it, just thought I'd share. Here they are, from poorest to richest:

David Schulson: $100,878 Ron Ishoy: $101,314.32 Terill Gardner: $101,456.76 Alberto Ribas: $101,502 Shari Tate: $102,000 Stacy Honowitz: $102,000.96 Peter Holden: $102,324.96 David Frankel: $102,430.08 Tammany Tenbrook: $103,373.04 James P. McLane: $103,778.04 Scott Raft: $104,604.96 Edward J. Walsh: $104,936.04 Carolyn McCann: $105,792 Deborah Zimet: $109,775.04 Dennis Siegal: $111,376.08 Lee Cohen: $114,087.00 Maria Schneider: $115,000.08 John Countryman: $118,349.04 John Gallagher: $122,580 Anthony Loe: $123,000 Brian T. Cavanagh: $125,000 Monica Hofheinz: $145,482.96 Tim Donnelly: $153,139.92 Jeff Marcus: $153,139.92 Charles B. Morton: $153,139.92 Mark Springer: 153,139.92 Michael Satz: $153,139.92

*Bonus: The $90,000 Gang (with salaries rounded off):

Alesh Guttman: $90,500 Dennis Nicewander: $91,000 Barbara Mitchell: $92,000 Richard Martell: $94,000 Margaret Carpenter: $94,500 Stefanie Newman: $96,000 Greg Rossman: $97,000 Sarahnell Murphy: $98,000 Bradley Weissman $98,000 Michael Horowitz: $100,000 (salary is $99,849.96)

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Bob Norman
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