Sentinel Ad for West, Rubio">

"Michael the Black Man" Buys Sentinel Ad for West, Rubio

I guess it was only a matter of time before "Michael the Black Man" made his mark on this election season.

On page 9B of the Sun-Sentinel is a one-sixth-page advertisement headed:


The ad -- which has no disclaimer -- also includes a photo of congressional candidate West chumming it up with Michael the Black Man. Among the candidates the ad says "good black people" should support is Marco Rubio.   

For those of you unschooled in the ways of Michael the Black Man, he's a Yahweh ben Yahweh cultist who preaches that Democrats "STARTED THE KKK AND THEIR HIDDEN RULER, LILITH (SATAN) WHO IS 1/3 OF THE BLACK WOMEN (PROSTITUTES) OF AMERICA!!!"

That line comes directly from the website he promotes in the Sun-Sentinel ad. Michael, whose given name is Michael Woodsid and also goes by Michael Symonette and Mikael Israel, has a habit of calling people the devil, like Obama and Oprah Winfrey (that's one of Michael's illustrations at right). Back in 2003, he even preached on his old pirate radio show that I was the devil.

It might sound like harmless insanity, but it's not. As you know, the Yahweh ben Yahweh cult was involved in more than a dozen, uh, murders. Michael himself was charged with committing a brutal decapitation murder for Yahweh but was acquitted in 1992. Robert Rozier, a former professional football player and Yahweh convert who was a government witness in the case, claimed that Michael also collected protection money for the cult from Miami drug dealers.

Now he's making a seamless transition from all that to the Tea Party. He has spoken about the dangers of Oprah and Lilith at Fort Lauderdale Tea Party rallies. Sure he fits right in with that crowd. Below is Michael's photo gallery of him with many stars, leading off with a pose with Allen West and then Marco Rubio. 

Inside, see the video of Michael the Black Man at a Fort Lauderdale Tea Party rally, where the wingnuts applaud his words.

Ladies and gentleman, the Tea Party at work.

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