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Michael Wallach Grows Out Hair, Reportedly Runs From Cops Twice, Gets Shot, Faces Pile of Charges

We told you yesterday about Michael Wallach, who was shot by police after he reportedly bailed out of a stolen car in West Palm Beach and shot at them.

He's better now and in jail facing charges of, among other things, attempted murder. But the events that led up to his showdown with police are even dumber, and involve -- yes, really -- a second run from the cops.

Somebody spotted Wallach crash a green minivan Friday, according to Lake Clarke Shores Police Lt. Carlos Negrin. The witness followed Wallach as Wallach drove down Southern Boulevard, eventually allegedly ditching the van on Pine Tree Lane. Someone else called police after they noticed him trying to park the van, which was banged up and dragging a broken axle, 

Sgt. William Howe responded, and the witness pointed Howe in the right direction.

Wallach ran and allegedly jumped over a locked gate and hid behind a fence, where he pulled out a gun and told Howe he was going to shoot him. Wallach then swam across the Venetian Canal and carjacked a 2004 Cadillac, which is the car he was found driving the next day when he actually did shoot at police.

So in addition to the charges he's facing from the "running gun battle" he had with the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, Wallach is facing charges for grand theft auto, resisting with violence, aggravated assault on a police officer, and armed carjacking in the events leading up to it.

If you've got any more information about the incident in Lake Clarke Shores, call Det. Mike Brawner at 561-964-1515.

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