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Michael Wallach to Be Released From Hospital After "Running Gun Battle" With PBSO (Updated)

Original post, 6/4:
The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says 22-year-old Michael Wallach is expected to be released from the hospital "today or tomorrow" to face charges that he shot at police, stole a car, then ran from authorities twice in two days.

It started on Friday, police say, when Wallach allegedly pointed a gun at a police officer in Lake Clarke Shores, then ran away. (I put in a call to their police department to see what would have made Wallach do such a thing; no call back yet.)

After he ran away, police say Wallach carjacked a Cadillac and drove off. Unfortunately for him, a PBSO deputy saw him driving the car the next day in West Palm Beach and followed him until other deputies could get in position to stop the car at the intersection of Congress Avenue and Cherokee Road. When that happened, police say, he ditched the car and ran away and "fired numerous rounds at deputies."

Those deputies returned fire, and Wallach ended up getting airlifted to Delray Medical Center. Police said they'd be releasing more details after Wallach has had his first appearance.

Wallach has a long string of other charges, from driving without a seat belt last March to burglary and resisting arrest on Christmas a few years ago.

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