Michele Bachmann's Plan to Drill the Everglades Not Quite a Popular Position in Florida

Well, now we have an idea of why GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann thinks she can get gas prices down to $2 per gallon -- she wants to start drillin' stuff, like the Florida Everglades.

Unfortunately, that was only the second-dumbest idea Bachmann had on her Florida trip, after she said that hurricanes and earthquakes were a sign from the Man upstairs that politicians need to cut spending. (Her spokesperson later said it was in "jest," but we're pretty sure she's running her entire campaign in "jest.")

Do you know who else supports drilling for oil and natural gas in the Everglades? If you do, let us know, because we're trying to find them.

How about the guy from the Everglades Foundation?

"NRA card-carrying hunters, fishermen, waterfowlers, and other outdoors enthusiasts do not want to see oil drilling in their Everglades wildlife paradise," Everglades Foundation communications director Jerry Karnas says. "In addition, the Everglades is the source of fresh, clean drinking water for more than 7 million Floridians. Congresswoman Bachmann needs to understand that oil and drinking water do not mix."

What about the lefties over at Progress Florida?

"There's no debate or discussion among the most conservative, pro-drilling people about opening up the Everglades to drilling," Progress Florida's executive director, Mark Ferrulo, told Minnesota Public Radio. "It would be as crazy as saying 'Let's drill under Space Mountain' in Disney World."

Surely the serious GOP candidates are with Bachmann on this one, right?

"You're kidding?" Mitt Romney said during the last presidential primary election. "Let's take that off the table. We're not going to drill in the Everglades. There are certain places in America that are national treasures, and the Everglades is one of those."

Of course, George W. Bush -- the country's last Republican president -- and his administration paid $120 million to prevent oil companies from drilling in the 'Glades.

Well, it looks like that idea is popular with around zero serious people. But let's be realistic here -- how much oil is there under Space Mountain?

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