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Michelle Obama Hits Up Ft. Lauderdale To Rally Supporters

The War Memorial Museum is usually used for gun shows, roller derby and MMA matches. Wednesday afternoon, it belonged to the First Lady of the United States.

"If everybody in this room brings in one more person, that can make all the difference," First Lady Michelle Obama told a crowd of 2,500 -plus during a rousing campaign stop yesterday afternoon.

The First Lady's mission? To rile up her husband's supporters and get them to bring voters and speak with those on the fence to win Florida this November.

"This election like so many others could come down to those last few thousand votes, especially in states like Florida," she said, "so you understand the power that you have."

In her speech, Mrs. Obama recounted the President's first four years, reminding the crowd that job growth has turned around in the last several months, after he inherited a crappy economy that was losing 750,000 jobs a month.

Michelle also hit on the hot topic of the day, reminding women that the President cares about women's health care .... unlike some people.

"Make sure that you tell people that your president believes that women should be able to make our own choices about our health care," she said

The comment got the loudest and longest ovation of the speech, clearly hitting a nerve.

Broward county has the most registered Democrats in the state. But, as we saw during the primaries last week, voter apathy could play a crucial role in November.

To combat that, the Obama campaign had volunteers at the War Memorial, registering people to vote, and to recruit volunteers to knock on doors, make phone calls, and rally the people for the President.

The First Lady's visit -- the second this year -- comes on the heals of Mitt Romney's running mate Paul Ryan's visit last weekend, where he trotted out his elderly mother to make his point about his Medicare plans.

So far, according to polls, people ain't buying Romney's, Ryan's or Ryan's mom's story.

But the Obamas know Florida will be a 12-round bare-knuckle brawl come November. So the First Lady's message was simple: If everyone at the rally can bring one person each to the polls in November, Florida will be blue again.

(photos via Obama For America-Florida facebook)

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