Microsoft Sued Over Dumb Commercials by Gag-Gift Company With Dumber Commercials

Dropping phones in urinals has now led to a lawsuit filed by a Boca Raton gag-gift company.

Cellrderm -- a company that sells patches similar-looking to nicotine patches that are marketed as "cellular abuse aid" -- has sued Microsoft in a U.S. District Court, claiming it ripped off its amateur ads.

The ads from Cellrderm portray a guy dropping his cellphone in a urinal, as well as a guy who won't pay attention to his girlfriend taking off her clothes.

According to Cellrderm, commercials from Microsoft for their Windows 7 Phone ripped off their ads.

"The Microsoft Commercials copy both the sequence of events and the character interplay found in the Cellrderm Commercials, which constitutes infringement of Cellrderm's copyrights," the lawsuit says. "The Microsoft Commercials also copy other copyrightable expression, including but not limited to clothing, gestures, character appearance, camera angles, and other visual elements from the Cellrderm Commercials."

Here are the commercials in question, so you can judge for yourself:

Microsoft's ad:

Cellrderm's urinal video:

Cellrderm's stripper girlfriend video:

Cellrderm is seeking to get some cash out of Micro$oft, as well as an injunction from running the advertisements.

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