Middle Child Day Is Today; Fort Lauderdale Man Wants You to Know About It

Apparently Middle Child Day is a thing. And it is today.

And Bruce Hopman, a former ad executive living in Fort Lauderdale, is on a mission to make sure everyone knows this.

And he is using every means at his disposal. By which we mean, of course, the internet.

Hopman is founder of the International Middle Child Union, which has only one member, which is him.

Hopman has launched an internet campaign to help raise awareness that today, August 12, is Middle Child Day.

He is asking middle children everywhere to raise awareness on social media by using the #midkidstrike hashtag.

And, so far, the results have been pretty hilarious:

It's, of course, all in jest and fun, celebrating middle children everywhere. And Hopman, who made his group's slogan, "We are SO screwed!," has gotten in on the "seriousness" of it by creating online greeting cards that people can send to the overlooked middle children in their lives.

"Our whole lives, middle children crave attention, but we're always ignored, so it's typical that someone would give us a holiday just so they could ignore it," said long-suffering middle child and former advertising executive Bruce Hopman, fuming with mock indignation.

You can follow Hopman's crusade via his Twitter.

And, for the record, here's a list of some notable middle children:

-David Letterman -John F. Kennedy -Abraham Lincoln -Jay Leno -Madonna -Julia Roberts -Donald Trump -Bill Gates

Not too shabby.

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