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Miguel Vargas Seems a Bit Sad, Combining Real Tears and Tattooed Tears in Latest Mug Shot

Yo, Miguel Vargas, I heard you like tears.

That may explain why you got tears tattooed on your face, so you can display your sadness while you display your sadness.

Vargas, 27, was picked up by the Sanford Police Department on Monday for his fifth arrest since 2002, this time on charges of battery and resisting arrest.

The teardrop tattoos made their way onto Vargas' face sometime after his last arrest in May 2009, and he also managed to keep a straight face in the rest of his mugs.

This time, however, Vargas had a bit of a "life imitates art" moment with his dual lacrimation.

Vargas, also known as "Casper" and "Ghost," according to the Florida Department of Corrections, served nearly two years of a three-year prison sentence for a pair of gun-related charges before being released in November of last year.

Here's a larger size of Vargas' mug shot:

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