Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk Gets Into Twitter Beef With Jacksonville Jaguars Mascot

Mike Florio, who runs the NFL website Pro Football Talk, got into some Twitter beef with the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot, Jaxson de Ville, on Wednesday night.

We were hoping this was a case of an NFL "writer" having some good clean fun with a cartoon character to entertain their respective followers.


The beef was real. And if you know anything about Florio, you know he's a prickly sourpuss who slicks back his hair and takes himself waaaaayyy too seriously. He's quick to block any naysayers and even quicker to try to prove he's witty.

But anyone who gets into a fight with a fictional character lacks more than wittiness. He also lacks self-awareness.

Check out all the DUMB after the jump:

Twitter beefs are always stupid in that it's basically an argument by two people living thousands of miles from each other saying loud angry things in 140 characters or less. Throw in sad Chester Cheetah and Seinfeld references to try to appear that you know what funny is makes it even more stupid.

And then when you're all out of references from a '90s sitcom and you start throwing out how many hits your website gets, you've pretty much lost the argument.

But then again, you lost it as soon as you said word one TO A MASCOT ON THE INTERNET.

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