Mike Pouncey and Brother Assaulted Man at Cameo Nightclub Last Night, Victim Claims

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A man says Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and his brother Maurkice assaulted him at Cameo Nightclub in Miami Beach last night, where the often-troubled Dolphins center and his twin behemoth brother were holding their annual birthday bash.

UPDATE 2: Here's our Monday morning update on the investigation, including the incident report filed with Miami Beach Police.

UPDATE: "There was an incident that occurred at Cameo last night at 4:20 a.m., where an alleged assault took place," Miami Beach Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez tells New Times. "We have not confirmed it's the Pouncey brothers that are the subjects, but we are going to have detectives contacting the victims to investigate further." 

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Cameo -- for those who remember -- is also the same spot the twins found themselves at last year wearing "Free Hernandez" caps in honor of their alleged murderous friend and former teammate Aaron.

Last night, though, wasn't about silly hats and smiling brothers. It was, however, still about poor judgment.

At 4:53 a.m. a man named Ricky Vasquez, who describes himself on Twitter as "Event Host. Choreographer. Stylist. TeaOlogist. Free Spirit. Socialite. IG: iRickyVasquez" and has more than 7,000 followers, tweeted out something harrowing.

Then it got worse.

What exactly set off the Pounceys and what happened afterward is still being learned, but Vasquez took to his Instagram with multiple videos of him either in tears or trying to explain what happened.

"I didn't know that stuff like this actually fucking happens to people," he says in one video. "All I can remember is standing in a crowded club and this big guy keeps hitting me in my back, I look at him and I'm like, OK, he's obviously turned up. And he just keeps hitting me. I ignore it. I keep ignoring the guy -- he's calling me a faggot. I realize that there's two of the guys. Now they're both in my face. The next thing I know, Honey tries to break it up. One of them punches Honey in the face, the other one punches me or the same one, I don't know. Security comes.

The woman Vasquez calls Honey also took to social media, her caption reading: "Went inside @Cameomia 10 minutes just to be punched in my face by Marquise [sic] Pouncey for trying to stop him and his brother mike from beating the shit out of my friend @irickyvasquez. Filed a report even though the Police said nothing probably will be done about this situation. These athletes get on all these fuckin drugs and act an ass knowing they will be protected by these clubs because of how much money they spend in their clubs but I'm not gonna let this shit rest. I'm a female and I won't Stand for no man putting their hands on me."

According to Miami Beach Police, however, no reports have been filed.

"Usually, if there's an incident involving a celebrity, there's a special incident report, and I haven't seen or heard anything. I'm sure I would have," Miami Beach Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez tells New Times.

"I would tell the victim, they need to file a police report and come forth; otherwise, it's just speculation, and we can't disparage someone's name just because they say so," Hernandez says. "And what she says about what the police told her has to be absolutely false. I think even Justin Bieber can attest -- we don't give anyone special treatment here, it's just a matter of her actually coming forward and filing a report."

If you were at Cameo night and saw the incident or know more, email the author.

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