Mike Redmond Named the New Miami Marlins Manager

According to John Heyman of CBS Sports, the Miami Marlins have hired former Florida Marlins catcher Mike Redmond to be their next manager to eventually be fired by Jeffrey Loria.

Heyman reports that it's a three-year deal.

Redmond, 41, played for the Marlins from 1998 through 2004, being a part of the 2003 World Series championship winning team.

He's also notorious for often taking batting practice in the nude during his playing days.

Which can only mean one thing: NAKED MIKE STANTON BATTING PRACTICE! Woo-hoo! Amerite, ladies?

In recent weeks, the Marlins were rumored to have been interested in former third baseman Mike Lowell for the job and even interviewed Larry Bowa, who was not only still alive but would have been a terrible idea. 

So now the Marlins front office has a new guy it can eventually blame and fire when the team continues to have atrocious drafts, trades away future Triple Crown winners, and gives away enormous contracts to shitty free agents. 

It's a sound plan, indeed.

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