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Minnesota Timberwolves "Harlem Shake" Video Inspired by Butthurt

In case you weren't aware, the Miami Heat went into a cold, miserable, decrepit city whose sole claim to fame is that they have a giant mall (nice job, you guys!) on Monday night and completely blew up the Minnesota Timberwolves' collective assholes into oblivion by a score of 97-81.

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Dwyane Wade dropped 32 points while LeBron James added 20, Chris Bosh scored 11, and Ray Allen, 13.

Then on Tuesday, the T-Wolves released their own version of the "Harlem Shake" in which a guy dressed in a LeBron James jersey gets beat up by the Wolves' mascot with a bat. Because, COMEDY!

Predictably, the video has the internet -- and -- exploding cupcake sprinkles their pants because ha. ha. ha. look at a guy dressed like a Heat player getting severely beaten with a bat!

Not shocking coming from a team that has been called "too white" (HEY, C'MON, IT'S A JOKE GUYS DERRRRRRRP).

The video ends with the words "Some things get old FAST" written in Heat font, which, again, is so side-splittingly funny, both comedy and the internet should be canceled now because the Timberwolves' crack team of hilarity has made the funniest thing you will ever find on the internet.

Make that happen, Obama!

But the T-Wolves are right. Some things get old fast.

Things that don't get old FAST: 

-Wrecking T-Wolves' ass the past five seasons and counting.

-Watching the Human Big Toe J.J. Barea go 1-for-11 and then get sent to the showers for being a weasely little asshole.

-Seeing the T-Wolves not make the playoffs in nearly a decade.

-Seeing Ricky Rubio tweet out "..." because Holy Shitballs this team is terrible and the city is a giant frigid, dank, asshole-dark abyss where literally nothing happens, so what else can a talented player with mounting frustration do?

- Seeing D-Wade and LeBron cock-punch the entire T-Wolves franchise and fan base.

But, yeah. Good one, T-Wolves!

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