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Mitch Ceasar Gets (Borscht) Belted

A lot of people wonder what it is Democratic Party Chairman Mitch Ceasar actually does with his time. The place is packed with donkeys and yet the local party produces poor candidates and is basically a sorry mess. Not good.

Well, it turns out that Ceasar has been trying to compile material for a career as a stand-up comic. But his television debut, as hilariously written in Tailpipe by Pulp colleague Thomas Francis, could hardly have gone worse. He appeared on NBC-6's South Florida Today show and unveiled some Anna Nicole Smith-aimed material that bombed like a bad insurgent. After making insipid and vaguely offensive jokes about the recently deceased's sluttiness and breast implants, anchor Tony Segreto yanked him off the show. "We wanted to apologize for some of the comments (Ceasar) made," Segreto told the audience after Ceasar was politely expunged from the studio. "We certainly did not expect the comments that he made today to come out the way they did. As it is now, NBC 6 is not planning to have him back on the show."

If you'd like to read the actual jokes, with Francis' commentary, jump onto Tailpipe (here's the actual page).

After the jump: More On The Mayor Mara's Boy

Look, I can't get every salient fact into every story -- especially when it concerns the very busy boy Michael Giulianti, son of the Hollywood mayor. After my column was published detailing his criminal history and Mayor Mara's use of her influence to intercede on his behalf, a reader pointed me to the California Bar website. Seems that in addition to what's in the column (which, by the way, has all the indications of being the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Mikey's exploits), there's a case in Los Angeles where Guilianti, who is a lawyer, stiffed a client out of $500. All the details -- including M.G.'s "mitigating factors" that he's bipolar, was experiencing "extreme mania," and abusing prescription and recreational drugs -- can be found here. I hope they listened to his excuses. How could you go too hard on a guy who could take a mug shot like that?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.