Mitch Ceasar Proves That HuffPo Will Pretty Much Let Anyone Write Whatever

Mitch Ceasar, clown dictator of the Broward County Democratic Party, has lent his not-considerable wit to a column for today's edition of the Huffington Post.

Since your time is valuable (and mine is only slightly less valuable!), I will cut straight to his lounge-act punch lines. For optimal effect, you'll want to read Ceasar's column in one window while in another web window you've got access to a rim shot, like this one.

Groan-inducing one-liners, after the jump.

This story began at the political beginning, which in Florida means outer space. (Press rim shot button!)

Las Vegas oddsmakers proclaimed that there was a greater chance Fox News would win an Emmy for veracity before Gov. Crist would lose.

In 2009, the National and Florida Republican Party thought Charlie Crist was the greatest thing since Rush Limbaugh, sans the pills, of course.

Of course, if I was given such significant monies, the hug might have been the least of it.

But wait, up in the sky, it's a bird, a plane... no it's the magic cloak of independency.

Obviously our party has a rich history of political cannibalism. Our task is to reject that hunger urge. Good luck to us!

Yeah, I know they're all out of context. But out of context, they're actually funnier than they are in the column. Come to think of it, the best defense against Ceasar might be what they call the sad trombone.

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