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Mitt Romney Hits Up Florida, Gets Face Wiped by Some Creepy Guy

Fresh off a debate victory that ended the race and buried Obama forever, Mittington RoboRomney hit up Florida for a three-city gloat-a-thon in which he gave a couple of stump speeches, shared some stories, took some photos, and uncomfortably got his face wiped over and over again by some random dude.

Huge crowds in St. Petersburg, Apopka, and Port St. Lucie met Romney as he looked to ride some of that debate goodness momentum through the swing state.

In front of about 10,000 supporters in Port St. Lucie, Romney got the crowd revved up. "We had a little debate earlier this week," he said. "And I enjoyed myself."

I slung some horse crap all over that stage, and it was fuuuuunnn!!

Romney also offered up a little trash talk, even if it did come across quite dickish.

"You all had the chance to hear his answers -- or his nonanswers," he said in his speech. "Now, of course, days later we are hearing his excuses, and next January, we'll be watching him leave the White House for the last time."

It's a good time for Mittbot to bring his Horseshit Palooza Tour 2012 to Florida. Thanks to the so-called "debate bounce," he's closing the gap between himself and the president. One poll, the Rasmussen, shows Romney leading in Florida by two points.

But it wasn't all rosy in Florida for Mitt. While posing for photographs with employees at a Port St. Lucie restaurant called Tin Fish, one overenthusiastic employee wiped Romney's face with a handkerchief. 

And then kept wiping. 

And kept wiping. 

And wiped some more. 

Until Romney had to subtly push the guy's arm away. And even after the photo was taken, the man kept trying to wipe Mitt's face.

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We get that you're excited that the Republican nominee for president is in your restaurant and is enjoying a nice comeback. But you don't want your candidate to show up to the next debate without a face. Dial it down a notch, guy.

Obama got the bear hug pizza guy, Romney the endless face-wiping guy. Oh, Florida. Don't ever not be crazy during election years.

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