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Mitt Romney Hitting Up Florida For More Fundraisers Next Week

Florida is a swing state. Even robots are aware of this.

So, Mitt Romney will be hitting up Florida next week for four different major fund-raising events within a 24-hour period on each coast. (He'll be fine. He has his own plane).

On the heelsof his Libya comments and recent polls that show him lagging behind President Obama in Florida as well as in hypothetical fistfights, Romney is coming to the Sunshine State to ask his rich friends to reach deep into their pockets for their good ole Uncle Willard.

Uncle Willard needs a brand new Super PAC to smear the possibly not even American-born black fella!

Romney's Daddy Warbucks Tour will begin next Wednesday night at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables with a $50,000-per-couple reception. Ooh! Fancy!

Then on Thursday, RoboRomney will hang with some top hat and monocle wearing peeps at the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota for a $2,500-a-person gala.

Then Mittington will be whisked away to beautiful Palm Beach, where he will attend a fund-raiser at the home of entrepreneur Christopher "Chris" Cline, who not only is so rich people call him both Christopher and Chris at the same time, but also has interests in coal mining (LOOOVE that black gold.... awwwww yeaahh). And then, Uncle Willard will attend a sit-down dinner at the home of builder and Republican financier Al Hoffman in North Palm Beach.

Romney picked a good time to be among his friends, what with his Obama enables terrorists and fuels their hatred with apologies comments from the other day, which is something George W.'s Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge thought was kinda not true, and with both the AP and your friendly neighborhood The Pulp calling bullshit on him and all.

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