Mitt Romney Releases Anti-Obama Ad Making Florida Sound Like a Hellhole

You know what sucks? Florida, if GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's new advertisement is to be believed.

President Obama's up at Walt Disney World today, and Romney decided to leave him a welcome ad to what sounds like the scummiest state in the Union.

The video, titled "Welcome to Florida," has a handful of people repeat phrases making it sound like all of our lives are miserable here.

A statistic of 31 straight months of double-digit unemployment leads to a refrain of "things aren't working," followed by a bit on foreclosures in the state, Obama's "empty promises," the stimulus, and bailouts and leads you to believe Florida was really cool -- until Obama ruined it.

If that weren't enough, Romney also released an "open letter" welcoming Obama to Florida, continuing on the theme that Obama ruined the state.

We're pretty sure the governor reassures the state every month that things are on the up-and-up, but hey, Romney's the guy with the money right now.

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