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Mitt Romney's "47 Percent" Fundraiser Host Lives in Boca, Loves Sex Parties

Remember those remarks that one Willard Mittington Romnom RoboRomney Romney made at a fundraiser that broke the internet yesterday? The one where he basically took a dump on the majority of Americans and called you a bunch of freeloadin' entitled pieces of worm-ridden filth?

Well, turns out those remarks were made right here in our very own backyard. Yup! Because no matter how many ways you slice it, Florida is always the shit pie that somehow derails elections! Weeeeeee!

Mother Jones, who initially broke the story on the leaked videos, reveals that Romney's dropping-the-coin-into-the-piss-bucket comments were made on May 17, 2012, at the home of a private equity manager named Marc Leder, who lives in Boca Raton. Oh, and it turns out this dude really loves the crap out of sex parties.

Romney was the one who inspired Leder to get involved with private equities when he visited Mitt's investment firm several years ago, according to the New York Times.

In fact, Romney was one of the first investors in some of the deals done by Leder's firm, Sun Capital, which today oversees about $8 billion in equity.

Leder is also something of a shitty private equity guy, with a bunch of the companies that Sun Capital has acquired running into the crapper, including Friendly's and Chevy's restaurants. About 25 of Sun Capital's companies have filed for bankruptcy since 2008. WE BUILT THIS.

Also, sex parties! (There really is no other way to segway into that topic.)

Yes... according to the New York Post, Leder is something of a Caligula of high finance, throwing wild sex parties where people walk around the pool naked doing sex things to each other while scantily clad dancers perform with torches.

... a male guest described as a "chubby white meathead" and a "tanned" female guest stripped and hopped into the pool naked.

"The guy hopped in first in his briefs and the girl standing on the perimeter of the pool took her top off," a witness said. "The next thing you know, her bra is off. Then she took her bottom off and was butt-naked and jumped in the pool."

Another attendee said, "They were in the pool swimming together. Then they started making out." Multiple witnesses say the naked pair continued their show outside the pool and performed sex acts on a chair in front of astonished guests.

Chubby white rich guy sex? Scintillating!

So to recap: The site of an out-of-touch wealthy Mormon presidential hopeful's most damaging moment came in the home of a shady billionaire douchebag who throws wild orgies for himself and his rich friends. 

The Republicans have turned into a caricature of themselves.

It's going to be really tough for Romney to shake this one off. He's even trying to do some damage control. But it seems like it's irrevocable.

Of course, anything can happen between now and November. But keep in mind, now that the cat is out of the bag, this is what Romney's presidency will look like every day if he's elected:

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