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Mitt Romney's Voucher Medicare Plan Would Be Costly for Florida, According to Report

According to a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation, a voucher plan for Medicare -- like the one Mittington Romnom RoboRomney and his young ward P90Ryan are proposing -- would cost Florida patients more than $100 million.

But since the Mittbot is promising instant jobs to everyone as soon as he's elected president, WHY WORRY?

Of course, Velvet Thunder's campaign jumped on this report and was all, Mittbot's plan is no good! And Mittbot's people are crying that what Obama's peeps are saying about the report are lies.. all lies!

Now, before the comments get lit on fire with angry trolls and loud noises, know this: The Kaiser Family Foundation is not only nonpartisan but also well-respected when it comes to analyzing health-care policy. Also, its report is totally about Medicare vouchers similar to the one Mitt is proposing.

Oh, who are we kidding? FLAME ON!

The report is, in large part, based on Paul Ryan's federal budget report, which basically says that seniors would get a premium support voucher to buy themselves health insurance from the government, based on the cost of Medicare where they live, or the cheapest plan available to them.

Sounds dandy!

However, according to the Kaiser report, 59 percent of seniors would have to pay higher premiums to receive the same exact Medicare plan they now have. The average premium would go up to $107 per month.

*Wet fart sound!*

"At least nine in 10 Medicare beneficiaries in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts and New Jersey would face higher premiums in their current plan," the Kaiser report says of Mittbot & Ry's plan.

Basically, Medicare is as complex as it gets. It's tied to health-care costs, which, in case you haven't noticed, are huge.

There's no way the government can pay for it without asking seniors to help carry the load.

This is where Obama's Affordable Care Act brings in the panel of doctors and experts (or, as the GOPers love to call it: GRANDMA'S DEATH SQUAD 2014) to suggest cuts to providers if Medicare spending goes bananas.

The report goes on to say that three out of every four Floridian senior "would be subject to additional monthly premiums of $100 or more."

While it goes out of its way to say that its report is nonpartisan and that it's not intended to be used for or against any particular campaign, Kaiser does repeatedly flush Ryan's plan down the proverbial toilet.

Because that's what you do with poop, you see.

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