Modest View from Fort Lauderdale Window a Finalist for Book Cover

Every day, Andrew Sullivan's blog, The Daily Dish, publishes a "View From Your Window." A reader takes a shot from where he's sitting, then sends it in. They come from all over the world. The best make Sullivan's blog three-dimensional. Intimate. Almost voyeuristic. The worst make you angry that any architect would put a window there -- and even angrier at the person who deemed it photo-worthy, because... why? Oh, now I'm idiot for not seeing the "art" in it? Anyway, now he's making a book of these photos, an idea that could be great, or could go straight to the Barnes & Noble bargain bin. Which is a long way of saying, vote for the Fort Lauderdale one! It really is art(ish?).

Currently, it's in last place with 1 percent. Come on, Juicers! Let's stuff the ballot box!

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