Mom Drunk on Three Bottles of Wine Crashes SUV

Here's a heartwarming story of a mom, her kids, and a crapload of wine!

A Boynton Beach woman was arrested on DUI charges after she got her wine on, then crashed her BMW into another car with her children onboard.

Janet Malizia, 49, slammed her car into an SUV on I-75 and then was all, "Pfft. Whatever," and drove away. 

When cops eventually pulled her over, her 11-year-old son showed them an empty cup of wine and told them Mommy had drunk three bottles while on the road.

According to what the boy told police, Malizia had allegedly purchased up to five bottles at a gas station, because she's nothing if not classy! 

Malizia told the troopers she knew it was "wrong to be drinking with her kids in the car."

She was arrested shortly before 7 p.m. Friday at mile marker 113 on I-75.

According to the report, Malizia went into the gas station store to buy wine. When she took longer than expected, her 11-year-old found her wandering around the store. That's when he told her that maybe she shouldn't be drinking and driving.

According to Collier County jail records, Malizia was charged with two counts of DUI and one count of leaving the scene of an accident. She posted $7,500 bond on Saturday. 

The report, which does not reveal the age of the other child, says their father was called and he picked them up.

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